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Andy Curtis BA (Hons), PGCE, Dip PG GD (BAGD) Graduated from the British Academy of Garden Design after teaching Engineering for 12 years.

A New View Garden Design was started to give a fresh new approach to garden design. With a focus on customer needs and how they envisage their new dream garden to look, covering Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

A Garden is another room to the house, and should be looked after and designed as one. It should be an area where entertaining is enjoyed, spending time with friends and family in surroundings that really express taste; seeing younger family members enjoy the outdoors; just relaxing in a private tranquil place.

Possessing an eye for detail, I have a special  interest in transforming everyday, utilitarian spaces into gardens that satisfy all your aesthetic, practical and sensory requirements. Why look at the same old paving slabs, dreary fences and weary old tubs everyday when you could be looking at a Mediterranean terrace or a contemporary, sense enhancing nirvana? We always think of a new sofa, a new car-maybe even a new you? But how about a whole new outlook for your life? Treat yourself. A new garden: A new View.  



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