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In the Bleak Midwinter.

Colourful plants to brighten your garden in the Winter months. Many people abandon their gardens in the winter months. Apparently it’s boring, nothing grows and everything looks dead. So what plants can you use to get some colour back into your garden that has lost all of its colour and foliage in the last couple of months? Here we are going to look at a few plants which can provide some much needed colour in your garden in the winter months, when the skies are grey, and the last of the autumn leaves have dropped is when we need a garden pick-me-up. Camellia x Vernalis ‘Yuletide’ This is an upright shrub that gives us a rare treat of red flowers in the winter months. Growing to a height of a

Why use a Garden Designer?

So why use a garden designer? You could design your own garden, why would you use a garden designer? Lots of people design their own gardens, and some do a decent job of it. However, would you know exactly what to do? Would you design your house, or an extension to your house yourself, or would you use an architect? You may have an idea of what you want, but there is a correct way of doing everything to achieve the best results. Think of your garden as an extension to your home, and with any extension it needs to be done properly, cut corners and costs and the result won't be as good. A landscape gardener could design your garden for you. But designing gardens isn't their specialty, building

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