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Fixing your lawn for summer

Does your lawn look like this? It has rained so much in recent months. Lawns have taken a great deal of battering. Extremely wet conditions can cause grass roots to die off. Overly wet soil conditions can reduce the oxygen in the soil (the water replaces the oxygen). Areas that have been walked on will become compacted. This reduces the air spaces in the soil, which the grass needs to grow. The heavier, or high clay content your soil is, the worse it will be. The majority of soil in the Solent area in front of the South down hills have a high clay content. Work needs to be done to get your lawn back to its best before the summer sets in. Your grass will probably need a good cut. For the firs

A Well Designed Garden is the Ultimate Fashion Accessory for your Home.

For me a garden is a place to relax with friends and family, as well as a refuge where you can take time out of your busy day to recharge your batteries. We look at a garden. We like what we see. But why? Gardens have come a long way. They used to be about growing food, and growing large amounts of lawn, and not a great deal else. Now what makes a garden is completely different, it has become more to do with lifestyle. We want an outdoor kitchen, outdoor living room, dining room, and playroom. Somewhere to entertain, somewhere to escape, and maybe even to impress our friends. Although many covet huge gardens, some of the smallest gardens are the best, the lack of space forces creativity - th

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