The base plan. Giving the sizes of the existing plot, what it contains and any other details. Produced after site visit.

The concept plan produced for a Contemporary Garden, ideal for entertaining. Including several seating areas. An Oak Pergola, and a glass floor with lighting beneath as a feature.

The Planting Plan includes all plants required for the design, how many are needed and where they will be planted.

The Detailed Plan highlights any construction detail, including materials and finishes required.

The Working Drawing gives the required dimensions for the various elements of the design that need constructing.

3D Visuals gives a real life impression of how the garden will look once completed. It helps you visualise your new garden as you move around it, taking in your new environment from different angles.

View from the back door, looking up the steps and into the garden.

How the garden look from the top of the steps.

Views from the decking area, looking back across the garden to the house.

Entering the garden from the back gate entrance.

Birds eye views of the garden.

If you are a landscaper, or gardener and wish your ideas to be turned into computer generated visuals feel free to contact me for a competitive quotation.

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