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Base Plan.jpg

The base plan. Giving the sizes of the existing plot, what it contains and any other details. Produced after site visit.

The concept plan produced for a private area, which will be secluded, accessed by a sweeping curved path leading from the patio. 

Concept Plan.jpg
Planting Plan.jpg

The Planting Plan includes all plants required for the design, how many are needed and where they will be planted.

The Detailed Plan highlights any construction detail, including materials and finishes required.

Detail plan.jpg
Working Drawing.jpg

The Working Drawing gives the required dimensions for the various elements of the design that need constructing.

moodboard project 4_Page_2.jpg
moodboard project 4_Page_1.jpg

Mood-boards show pictorial information, to help you understand and visualise the different plants and hardscaping materials required to complete the garden.

3D Visuals gives a real life impression of how the garden will look once completed. It helps you visualise the new garden as you move around it, taking in your new environment from different angles.


View from the rear gate as the garden is entered.

View from the back door as you enter the garden from the house. With palms providing the backdrop, and Agapanthus adding the colour. New Zealand Flax provide a more structured planting element in the raised border.


A sweeping curved path leading away from the main patio area. Flanked by Yucca on the left and Agapanthus on the right.

How the patio would look from the sweeping path, looking back.


Three different angles of a secluded, private patio area. Including a water feature in the corner to change the ambience of the space.


Finally, views from above to help show the garden in full.

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