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Poor quality Garden, Clay soil, Blue Shed, Wooden Planter

The garden was initially in very poor condition. The garden was boggy, and the soil had a high clay content.

After site survey was carried out, and design was confirmed, construction started.

Wooden Planters, Flower beds, Patio, Blue Shed

Raised beds were constructed from timber and lined, these were used to create two "rooms" in the garden, separating the patio from the lawn area. 

The beds were dug out and the clay based soil reworked.

Lavender in Wooden Planter, Poor Soil, Passion Flower

Lavender planted in the raised beds. Passion Flower climbers were used to grow over a timber arch. 

Wooden Planters, Georgian Door, Sash Window, Poor Lawn

The lawn was in an extremely poor condition, and had to be completely removed. The last of the unwanted and dying plants were removed, and new ones planted.

Timber frame, Acer, Choysia, Lavender, Blue Shed

New plants selected, and planted with enough space for them to grow.

Blue Shed, Timber rose arch, rounded flower bed, Bamboo, Patio

New lawn in place. New path and gravelled area being marked out and laid. 

Mediterranean Garden, Passion Flower arch, White trellis
Plant pots, Blue Shed, White Trellis, Passion Flower, Timber Arch, Lavender

Some original features remain, the Patio, Cherry Blossom Tree and shed. Some of the original plant pots were retained. These can be placed where the customer requires them.

A plant maintenance schedule will be issued to help the customer care for the new plants that have been planted, and to help the existing plants in the pots flourish. 

The finishing touches applied, with final perennials planted, some additional plant pots used, fences repaired and painted, with trellises fixed for climbing Clematis and Jasmine to grow. Cotswold stone used for the path around the garden. Up-lighters are used around the garden to light specimen plants at night. 

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