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People often ask - Why I should have my garden designed in Winter?

Winter Berries

It’s the middle of Summer, the sun is shining, your garden plants flowering, and it’s then that you start to think about how your outside space could be improved. You ponder, how could your summer entertaining area be enhanced? What changes could be made, how could you make more of your garden?

Do you want these changes to be made to your garden at the time you wish to enjoy it the most? Or would you like to plan ahead and have your garden disrupted in winter, when you don’t plan to use it as much? I know which I’d rather…

Winter is the best time to have your garden redesigned, and renovated, and here’s why:

  • There is less disturbance to you! As the colder days set in, and winter arrives, & it is unlikely you will be spending as much time in your garden, as you did in the summer. If your garden is being worked on and landscaped in the Summer, you won’t be able to enjoy the outside space until it is completed. Autumn and Winter are the right times to begin a redesign of your garden, so it’s nice and ready for the following Spring and Summer months when your new plants start to bloom, and you can really appreciate your new entertaining space.

  • It’ll protect your plants. In the Spring and Summer months your plants are flowering and growing. If you require your plants to be relocated within your new design, it is better to move any plants and shrubs that you want to keep, over the winter. Plants are not fond of being relocated at any time, but it is kinder to them to do it in the colder months of the year.

  • Less disturbance to wildlife. Being a Garden Designer, and having a love for wildlife goes hand in hand. We can all recognise that wildlife needs its own place in the garden. It is easier to do a garden project when the wildlife is not as abundant as they would be in the Spring and Summer months. We don’t want to disturb them.

  • It makes life easier for the design team. Plants are starting to die back for the winter, weeds won’t be growing in such abundance, and there is less foliage about the garden. This naturally sparser environment makes it easier to visualise a garden, and features and shapes are much more visible. This way your dream garden can be designed in the most creative way, that suits you and your family’s needs.

So why not give your garden a rethink, prepare your beautiful outside space for next Spring and Summer, and contact A New View Garden Design to start your new garden project at a very competitive price.

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