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Why use a Garden Designer?

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  • So why use a garden designer?

  • You could design your own garden, why would you

use a garden designer? Lots of people design their

own gardens, and some do a decent job of it.

However, would you know exactly what to do?

Would you design your house, or an extension to

your house yourself, or would you use an architect?

You may have an idea of what you want, but there is

a correct way of doing everything to achieve the

best results. Think of your garden as an extension to

your home, and with any extension it needs to be

done properly, cut corners and costs and the result

won't be as good.

A landscape gardener could design your garden for

you. But designing gardens isn't their specialty,

building gardens is. They may lack the creative flair

that you require to be shown in your new dream

garden. A landscape gardener is busy building

gardens, so won't be able to put the passion into

designing your new garden.

As a Garden Designer, I will design your new garden

with style and panache. This is a Garden Designers

specialty. I will spend a great deal of time making

sure your dream garden is just as you want it. I will

listen to what you require from your new garden,

and I will transform your requirements into a design

that you will be very happy with. I will take into

consideration your budget, and work within this

accordingly, making sure that no corners are cut,

and get you great value for money.

  • So, contact a Garden Design specialist, A New View

Garden Design will create your new Garden at a

very competitive price. Contact us now.

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