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The Perfect Garden Design-The basics.

Lavender, Mediterranean Garden

Where is your Garden?

The location of your garden is one of the most important factors when deciding on its design. Is it in a city, or a town, in a village or the countryside? In a valley, up a mountain, or on the coast? Knowing and appreciating what is around you helps to determine what is possible and what isn’t. Making a successful garden is a challenge, and every bit of information about the surroundings, climate, soil and what grows well locally makes for a better design.

Country Cottage

Architecture and surroundings.

The house and the garden should go hand in hand, with one enhancing and complimenting the other. Together, they should form a whole, with neither vying for attention, and the garden should be designed with this in mind.

Knowing your soil.

Soil is more than a surface covering. It is also a reflection of the geology beneath the surface, which lends its identity to a place and determines the vegetation that grows there naturally. Good gardens have healthy plants that flourish because of the suitability of the soil.

soil, trowls

What do you want from your garden?

A core element of garden design is function. Knowing how and when the garden will be used, shapes its design.

Patio, deck

Why does the weather matter?

Climate conditions determine what grows well in our gardens and also how we use them. Each region of the earth has a specific palette of plants and materials that defines its character. This gives gardens their individual look. Making a garden in the Arizona desert, for example, would be completely different from a garden in subtropical Brazil, or in the heart of the English countryside. Micro-climates work in the same manner, does your site have frost pockets, is it exposed to cross winds etc?

lawn mower, lawn

The importance of time.

Plants need time to grow, a garden needs time to mature, and we need time to look after it, and enjoy it. Evaluating honestly how many spare hours are available for maintaining the garden can help to decide on the right design. For example, if weeding isn’t your thing, think before having an extensive flower border. All gardens need more attention in the initial years, so if a lot of thought and money have been spent to create the ideal scheme but your own time is in short supply, go that extra mile and employ someone to design your garden for you. Contact A New View Garden Design, where your garden can be transformed just for you, taking into account all your personal preferences, and making your ideal dream garden a reality.

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